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How You Can Help Those Impacted by Typhoon Odette

Super Typhoon Rai — known locally as Odette — recently wreaked havoc in the Philippines. It is the 15th typhoon to hit the Philippines this year.

Aftermath of typhoon in Philippines (Image courtesy of Canva)

While the exact death toll is still unknown and it will be some days before we know the full extent of the damage caused by the storm, we do know that countless people have lost their homes and many more have dwindling access to food and water.

We have compiled the following list of organizations collecting funds for relief efforts. Please note that, while we have done our best to verify the legitimacy of each listing, it is up to the donor to research the organization and Samahan is not responsible for how their donation is used. We have no affiliation with any of the following but are simply gathering requests for aid in one place for your convenience. This is by no means a complete list, and we will be adding to it in the coming days.

Ateneo de Manila University issued a call for help on Twitter. Donations can be made through BPI (Name: Ateneo de Manila University | Peso Savings Account: 3083 7210 56). Info on how to donate via Metrobank and BDO is available at the original post.

Ayala Foundation is accepting donations through their website as well as BPI (BPI 0011-1681-08). To donate via GCash visit their Twitter post.

For our Farmers PH, Inc. tweeted a call for donations. Donations can be made through GCash (0927 781 1678), BPI (2819 0660 03), BDO (0040 7017 4810), and Landbank (3217 0633 36).

NAFCON (National Alliance for Filipino Concerns) “appeals for donations for its Bayanihan Relief and Rehabilitation Program to provide immediate support for communities affected by the recent disasters in the Philippines.” Donations can be made on their website.

Philippine Red Cross is accepting cash donations through several methods, including PayPal ( For other methods, visit their Facebook post.

Surigao Del Norte Rep. Bingo Matugas posted on Facebook that donations can be made through BDO Unibank (013180007618 | Jasmin F. Hidalgo) and GCash (09173191142 | Jasmin H. or 09676501741 | Jennifer A.).

Tulong Kabataan has many calls for donations in affected cities and regions listed on their Facebook page. Donation info is listed for several places including Cebu, Toledo City, Western Visayas, Leyte — click on the link to be brought directly to donation info for that area or scroll through their Facebook page for other relief drives. Donations for affected families can also be made through PayPal (


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