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In general, people with mental illnesses are discriminated against in asian countries such as the Philippines. When Filipinos think of mental illnesses, they often immediately think "dangerous" or "aggressive." 

We at Samahan believe that everyone -- no matter their level of education, color, or mental wellbeing -- should be able to meet their full potential. That is why one of our advocacies is to break the stigma around mental health to allow our fellow Filipinos to seek resources and help in order to live with the mental illness they may have. 

Samahan has compiled resources in our Global Mental Health Directory. 

If you live with a mental illness, we hope this directory helps you in some way. 

This directory has been developed by Samahan's volunteers. If you notice that a country or resource is missing, please contact us.

Click on area on the world map to be directed to your country's resources.

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