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Made by Filipinos across the globe,
for Filipinos across the globe. 

What is Samahan?
Samahan is a Filipino word meaning to accompany or be with someone. The spirit of community is a central component of Filipino culture. Although we may be scattered across the world, we are still a part of the same community with a shared culture and a shared history. Samahan is a multimedia platform created to unite Filipinos across the globe. 

Our cross-platform projects and subsidiaries include Subtle Filipino Traits, and Subtle Filipino Dating. 


Who is Samahan for?
Samahan is for everyone! While it was built with the global Filipino community in mind, we welcome anyone who is interested in learning more about Filipino culture and the Filipino community.

Our Story

Samahan: A Global Filipino Community is founded by a group of Filipinos from different countries who connected online through the power of social media and technology.

They had one goal -- to connect with other people who share their history and heritage -- and believed that through the power of technology and digital media, they can achieve that goal.

Mission Statement

To connect Filipinos across the globe through the power of social media and technology.


Samahan aims to create an online  platform that will connect Filipinos across the globe through sharing stories and experiences through the power of technology.
They envision a world where Filipinos across the globe are connected via a central online platform.


Creativity, Integrity, Excellence, Innovation, and Passion

Our Advocacies 

Education · Mental Health · Equality · Cultural Preservation · Sustainability


Samahan believes education is a right and not a privilege. We at Samahan aim to provide some education through online learning and sharing of experiences, as well as give back to children in the Philippines who may not be able to meet their full potential. 


Mental health is often stigmatized not only in Filipino culture, but in the greater Asian community. Samahan aims to break the stigma, and give opportunities to Filipinos who may be affected by mental illness and issues. 


Samahan believes that we are all born equal no matter what gender, orientation, race, or upbringing we may have. We hope to dismantle inequality in the Filipino community and put an end to cultural gatekeeping.


At Samahan, we believe in celebrating the diversity and beauty of Filipino culture. We aim to preserve our heritage for generations to come.


The Philippines is one of the countries that are greatly affected by climate change with more than 20 tropical cyclones hitting it in 2020. As our planet grows warmer, catastrophic weather events are becoming stronger and occurring with more frequency. 

Samahan advocates for sustainability to combat climate change.

Charities we support 

Gawad Kalinga
There are approximately 15 million Filipino children who face the threat of not realizing their full potential – not growing to be as tall, as healthy, nor as bright as they can be – because they are suffering from hunger today as they grow up. 

Gawad Kalinga's Kusina Ng Kalinga cook daily nutritious lunch meals for children in public schools, in the streets, and in conflict areas to end hunger and malnutrition.

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