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Help Baby Tyler Receive Medical Care

Donations can be made via PayPal: | GCash: 09750282633 | GoFundMe

At the beginning of 2020, life was good for Alcelito Ladran. His family didn’t have a lot of extra money, but he made a steady living as a tricycle driver in Cavite, Philippines, and he was looking forward to the birth of his first grandchild.

Then, Ladran’s daughter went into labor. His grandson, Tyler, swallowed feces in the womb, which restricted his airway during the delivery causing damage to the brain. When he was delivered, he was near death. Doctors were able to save his life, but the traumatic delivery had complications; Tyler was diagnosed with epilepsy and severe cerebral palsy due to the lack of oxygen during delivery.

Tyler’s mother was diagnosed with severe postpartum depression as well as post-traumatic stress disorder following the birth, leaving her unable to care for her newborn son. Tyler’s grandparents stepped in to take care of him, but more complications were in their future.

Alcelito Ladran holding his grandson, Tyler
Photo courtesy of Alcelito Ladran

Two months after baby Tyler was born, the COVID-19 outbreak was declared a pandemic. Ladran and his family found themselves under quarantine lockdowns, impacting Ladran’s ability to earn a living. Expenses quickly piled up from hospital bills, therapy for baby Tyler, baby formula, and medicine.

Today, Tyler is 15 months old and has yet to hit typical developmental milestones. He is unable to sit up or stand on his own, has yet to speak, and still has not developed teeth. He only weighs a few pounds — much less than a child of his age should weigh — and has seizures due to epilepsy.

Tyler requires a rigorous occupational therapy program and medication. Without the proper care, he may never develop motor skills, which means he may never be able to speak or sit up on his own. It is critical that he not only receive the correct care but that he does so as quickly as possible, as early intervention is key to his overall development.

Photo courtesy of Alcelito Ladran

Unfortunately, Tyler is currently unable to receive the treatment he needs due to a lack of financial support. The Ladran family estimates that Tyler will need at least ₱271,200 ($5,614.33) to meet his immediate needs for the next year. He will need care beyond that, but the family is hopeful that the pandemic will be under control by next year and that they will have a steadier income.

The family is grateful for any assistance you are able to provide. Donations can be made directly to Ladran through the following methods:

GCash: 09750282633

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