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10 OPM Songs for Anti-Valentine's Day

Are you avoiding kilig (and traffic) while it seems like everyone else is celebrating Valentine's Day? In a genre filled with hopeless romantics, the number of liberating OPM songs may surprise you.

Title translation: “ Will Not Go Back”

This Band performing "Di Na Babalik" for Wish 107.5 Bus | Wish 107.5 Youtube Channel

This band called “This Band” has several hits that are hugot-based or generally themed around heartbreak, but with a variety in moods such as hopeful, pining, anger, and in this case, accepting defeat. Andrea Manzano belts the chorus, “Pilitin mang ayusin ‘to, ayoko na sa piling mo/ ‘di na babalik, hindi na babalik” (We can try and force fix this [relationship], but I don’t really want to be yours anymore/ don’t want to go back to you, I do not want to go back to you). I can only imagine how hurt someone was, but still able to simply walk away knowing that any attempts to fix it would not be worth it. On the other hand, there is something so powerful about having so much respect for yourself that you accept defeat; you should never allow yourself to stay in a relationship that has no guarantee of working out after spending energy trying to right all of the wrongs.

Title translation: it is a slang similar to “thingy”

Moira in 2023 | Moira dela Torre Youtube Channel

There is no question that this song is strictly written for Moira’s adulterous former husband who, let’s be honest, had the audacity to publicly humiliate and disrespect her when most of us only knew him because of her. Anyway, I love a good callout song. It is definitely warranted as he publicly admitted to cheating. How else would an artist like Moira let this all out? Despite being specific to these former spouses, the lyrics are relatable enough for anyone to envision themselves as the subjects of the song. “Araw-araw akong nagsuka/ ‘di maintindihan, ba’t di ko nadama/ na ako’y maganda sa iyong mga mata?” (Everyday I feel like throwing up/ I don’t understand, why I never felt like I am beautiful in your eyes?). I know what you’re thinking, “how dare Jason make this goddess feel ugly?” But isn’t this a common relationship fear in general? How can someone claim to love you and then make you feel like you’re not worth the word beautiful? My only hope is that if this song resonates with anyone, they should really think about the future of their relationship. Oh, and that you’re beautiful just as you are.

Title translation: “Finally found someone else”

Music Video for "Meron Nang Iba (feat. Ashley Gosiengfiao)" | Ivory Music PH Youtube Channel

This one is a little more hopeful than the rest of the list. It actually has two versions, one with just Silent Sanctuary and one featuring Ashley Gosiengfiao. The latter shows both parties’ points of view about the breakup. The chorus starts with “Darating din sa akin, malilimutan kita/ Subukan mang pilitin, baka nga ‘di tayong dal’wa” (There will be a day, where I will forget about you/ we can try to force this, but maybe we’re not meant for each other) and ends with “Sa araw na umuwi ka, meron na akong iba” (By the time you come back to me, I would have found someone else). There is no doubt that this is a healthy, healing song. The narrator is not delusional as they understand fixing isn’t always the solution. They would rather take the momentary “L” because not wasting energy on this uncertainty is the eventual “W.” They are aware that their ex may find their way back, but it’s also understandably unlikely that if they do, there would have been a new lover. I absolutely love songs like these; while the genre often has a “martyrdom” culture that urges you to fight for someone’s love, sometimes the best love out there is to fight for yourself.

Title translation: Ayoko na makita = “I do not want to see it anymore”

The Itchyworms performing "Yokonamakita" in 2009 | The Printing Shock Youtube Channel

Slightly lightening the mood, this catchy tune by The Itchyworms tells the story of a hopeful man courting a woman for the last five years. One week after she says yes to becoming his girlfriend, she decides to leave him. The pre-chorus goes “Kapag namalayan mo na ako rin pala talaga/ ‘yoko na kitang makita” (When you finally realize that I was a catch/ I don’t ever want to see you again). Once again, in a genre dominated by themes of “I will do anything to get you back,” songs like these really get prioritized in my music rotation. Knowing one’s worth enough to not pine for stupid, ungrateful, vain former partners is so very sexy. In a time where one would feel really terrible about getting rejected, and then have this kind of attitude? All the more reasons to root for them. These are the types of energies we need as single people on Valentine’s Day. 

Title translation: “I don’t think I want to do this anymore”

Parokya ni Edgar in 2012 | Parokya ni Edgar Youtube Channel

I specifically chose this because of the quirky first pre-chorus: ‘At kung may balak ka pang ulitin sa ‘kin ‘yon/ May ibubulong ako sa ‘yo, ‘Put*ng ina mo’” (And if you plan on hurting me again/ I have something to whisper to you, ‘F*ck you’). It’s not always that profanity makes anger in a song effective, but the way Chito Miranda delivers the profanity in a soft whisper, makes me want to cheer every time I hear it! I am all for being the mature bigger person, but to hear a famous Tagalog curse word followed by a mini guitar solo, then an increase in tempo – that is exactly how we should treat being hurt by someone foolish enough to hurt you after all the love you have given.

Title translation: “Final dance”

Kamikazee performing "Huling Sayaw" | KMKZ TVPH Youtube Channel

Going back to “sad but healthy” ballads, this banger by Kamikazee featuring a songbird, Kyla, effectively illustrates a healthy breakup. The entire song paints a scene about two people who have enjoyed each other’s company, all while understanding that they have maxed out on it and it is destined to end on an amicable note. “Paalam sa ‘ting huling sayaw/ May dulo pala ang langit/ Kaya’t sabay tayong bibitaw/ Sa ating huling sayaw” (Farewell to our final dance/ looks like our heaven has a finish line/ so let’s let go of each other together/ in our final dance). I am not well aware of Jay Contreras’ (frontman) and his former wife’s (Sarah Abad) relationship timeline, but I am a huge fan of seeing their family on his social media. They have two teenage children, Kidlat and Isla, who both seem to have great relationships with their parents, who seem to be excellent friends and co-parents. I have a feeling this song is about them, but I will not do research as I like my own theory, haha. Anyway, great mature break-up song. I do not wish any good couple to break up, but if they do, I want it to be like this song.

Title translation: “Ignore them” or "Let Them Be"

Ex Battalion performing "Hayaan Mo Sila" for Wish 107.5 Bus | Wish 107.5 Youtube Channel

Take me back to 2018 when this song released and immediately bombarded radio stations and social media. It is a very fun song. It is about a group of guy friends hyping up their other guy friend who has terrible luck with all the women he has dated who just used him for his fame. That exact scene isn’t really relatable, but a lot of the lyrics are. Most notably: “Alam ko na alam mong libre maging tanga/ Pero ang masama do’n, balak mong araw-arawin pa” (I know that you know to choose to be dumb is free/ But what’s concerning is that you choose to do that everyday). It is such a millennial/GenZ friendship to call out your friend like that. Quite frankly, that’s something I would like to hear if I am choosing to be stupid over someone who is clearly a terrible person for me.

Title translation: “Novel”

Join the Club performing "Nobela" for Rakista Radio | Rakista Radio Youtube Channel

I would like to thank every music streaming app for FINALLY having this available to save/add to library, as I have been waiting for that to happen for literal years. Record company issues? Maybe, but also not important here. Anyway, this was definitely an earworm that was heard all over the place in the mid-2000s -- radio stations, Myx channel, malls, your older cousin’s CD player, jeepneys, tricycles, ANYWHERE. And for good reasons. This song is poetic and uses heavy old Tagalog jargon. Dare I say it is almost Shakespearean, but Filipino? The instrumental intro already introduces a “pighati” (grief) feel with the whammy guitar. The line “ngumiti kahit na napipilitan” (trying to smile even if it’s hard) is repetitive throughout the song, which in my opinion further solidifies the poetic agony. This might be the only song in this list that is relatively pining about the old lover in question. By this point, you know I am not a fan of those, but the whammy guitar riff, the poeticness, and the old Tagalog jargon make this song so beautiful and it deserves its moment.

Title translation: “[something is] running by”

Mojofly performing "Tumatakbo" for Wish 107.5 Bus | Wish 107.5 Youtube Channel

Lougee Basabas, Mojofly’s frontwoman and the sole writer of “Tumatakbo,” has a slightly raspy voice which adds a powerful effect to this song. “Tumatakbo” is about a woman revealing her thoughts regarding her feelings about how time is flying by and she still has not experienced being loved. This is beautifully written – even poetic – and Basabas cleverly weaves words in a heart-wrenching way in this metaphor-laden song. “Tatanggapin na lang ba ang malupit na tadhana? O kaya’y tatanggapin na lang ba na ako’y sadyang hindi pinagpala?” (Should I accept that I am ill-fated? Or perhaps I should just accept that I am destined to be unblessed?). This screams a woman who is so close to giving up on expecting love to come her way because everyone and everything around her all these years have experienced their turn in love that the world probably ran out of it, leaving nothing to her. Plot twist, the bridge goes “Tigilan na ang drama/ Punasan na ang luha, yeah!” (Stop being dramatic/ wipe those tears, yeah!) and then Basabas leaves on a cliffhanger because the chorus stays along the lines of “Time is passing by and I am left without love.” This could have one of two endings: 

1.) She accepts that there can be life without love, destiny can suck it. 

2.) I am wiping my tears and finding this love myself or I can die trying. 

I personally choose the latter, but either way, the vocals on this are phenomenal and it is one of my karaoke go-tos.

Moonstar88 performing "Migraine" for Wish 107.5 Bus | Wish 107.5 Youtube Channel

Ending this list with something more realistically relatable, “Migraine” follows a woman who was broken up with and is left to question if the former lover is still thinking about her and, if he is, if she even wants him back. As the title of the song suggests, the singer experiences a lot of symptoms characteristic of a migraine. First, the song explains how this breakup is making her throw up from what I assume is attachment anxiety. Second, she also explains she can’t eat thinking about this, and she’s just confused about the whole ordeal in general. Lastly, the chorus is a repeated “Nahihilo, nalilito” (feeling dizzy and confused) -- someone give this woman ibuprofen, stat!  I picked this one because don’t we all feel these physical symptoms when we get our hearts broken? It’s normal to feel this way, especially on Valentine’s Day when you might feel a bit queasy if a certain memory pops up.

I made this list for you. Listen to these songs and remember that you are worthy of love any day of the year!


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