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Help Baby Jack Receive A Life-Changing Operation

Donations can be made via GCASH: 09155591502 - Remea Claire Nungay

***UPDATE: (March 12, 2022)*** After the latest assessment by the doctors, the operation can no longer proceed as the success rate is now lower than before and the risk to Baby Jack's health has increased. Baby Jack's family will now focus on providing all the help he needs as he face this difficult journey. We would like to thank everyone who donated towards the operation. We did not reach our goal or even had the fighting chance we wanted to give Baby Jack, but we would like to let you all know that we will divert the funds to help him prepare for the future. Any future donations are appreciated if you would still like to support Baby Jack.

Photo courtesy of Baby Jack's family

On June 29, 2021, twins Jack and Prince were born premature at 31 weeks. Tragically, Prince passed away just a few days later.

While Jack survived, he needed extensive care and was in an incubator and on oxygen for two months. The family also had to pay ₱5,000 pesos a day for blood transfusions and laboratory tests. Already financially struggling, the medical bills - plus the cost of Prince's burial - drove them deeper into debt.

At 4 months old, Baby Jack was diagnosed with Stage 5 retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). Without surgery, Jack will live with severe visual impairment and potentially lose his eyesight completely. A surgery to repair the damage to his eyes is available, but costly. To get life-changing operations for Jack it will cost approximately ₱350,000 for both eyes, with an additional ₱20,000 for room fees, scans, and other medical costs. Like many in the Philippines, Baby Jack's family lost their livelihood due to the COVID-19 pandemic. His mother, Remea, was a street vendor running a small fruit stall — the family's only source of income — before the pandemic forced it to close.

Photo courtesy of Baby Jack's family

The family is reaching out to anyone who would like to help contribute to this life-changing operation. Please donate if you are able, and help spread the word.

Sometimes being a miracle does not need to cost you a lot. Sometimes it does not need to cost you anything at all. Don't miss that chance.


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