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15 Types of Filipino Men You'll Find on Tinder

How many of these guys have you swiped left on?

1. The Tito

(Image courtesy of Ros Delos Reyes)

The Tito is often a man in his forties or fifties who still thinks he can make sabay (go at the same time) with the men who are in their twenties.

The Tito thinks he still "has it" and thinks he can -- and to be honest sometimes still can -- pick up the "chicka-babes."

The Tito refuses to accept that he is getting old and believes that he is still the Casanova he was in his youth.

You can often find this Tito with a receding hairline, wearing a striped button down shirt or polo, shorts, and tsinelas (thongs/slippers). In a party he will probably be the one by the karaoke machine, downing a bottle of beer whilst singing "My Way."

His bio will sometimes have something like, "Hello Miss Beautiful, did it hurt when you fell from the sky? Because you are an angel."

2. The Hype Beast

(Image courtesy of Jannine Buenconsejo)

The Hype Beast is the one who is into collecting fancy items of clothing, shoes, and accessories -- probably for the purpose of making yabang (showing-off) or for the purpose of impressing others.

The Hype Beast has a collection of Air Jordans, Yeezys, and Nikes.

If you are planning on dating the Hype Beast, do not expect luxurious gifts or extravagant dates -- he doesn't have the extra cash. In order to keep up the appearance, the Hype Beast will likely spend all their money on the newest pair of Jordans before even thinking about buying you a gift.

If you plan to spend the night, prepare to be awakened in the early hours of the day as this Hype Beast will likely line up to ensure he gets the newest Yeezys in his size.

Catch the Hype Beast wearing a Supreme shirt and Yeezys.

3. The Scholar

(Image courtesy of Tyler Jocson)

To be honest, the scholar doesn't even know he's on Tinder. His fellows from the Accounting Association created him a Tinder profile as a joke, and we are.

The scholar is the eldest child in his family, will likely be the sole breadwinner, and will likely send his younger siblings to school. He has been on the honor roll since he was in first grade, and was the valedictorian in high school.

The scholar is currently a member of multiple clubs and organisations including chess, accounting association, science club, business club, maths club, debate, computer club, and Star Wars club.

He is currently studying for a Bachelor of Accounting from the University of Santo Tomas and dreams of passing the board one day and becoming a CPA (Certified Public Accountant.)

Catch the scholar in the university library.

4. The Justin

(Image courtesy of Calvin Cruz)

The Justin is like every other Filipino you know who is named Justin.

In short, he is basic AF.

The Justin ticks every typical Filipino millennial stereotype, and to be honest, he is secretly proud of this fine achievement.

He is the type of guy who wears a beanie (extra points if it is in yellow), either a long coat (in black or tan) or a denim jacket/vest, pants that end right before they reach his ankles, and low cut shoes with barely noticeable socks.

Yes that's right, visible ankles are a must for the Justin. Somehow the Justin always pulls off this look and is fashionable as heck in this hipster look.

The Justin spends his free time in dance class, laughing at memes, watching videos of shiba inus, and at clubs drinking Hennessy.

5. The One Who Swears He's Legal

(Image courtesy of Joram Bonus)

The One Who Swears He's Legal is the one who keeps telling you he's of age, but you have to keep checking his ID just to make sure.

He has a baby face that makes you (and others) think that he is about 16, and whenever you go on dates people mistake him to be your younger brother, or worse, your son!

When you introduce him to your family everyone immediately nicknames him as "Boy" or "Totoy."

The One Who Swears He's Legal often has a youthful, dewy look.

He usually sports a casual crewneck jumper, jeans, Vans classics, a cap, and braces.

He often goes on group trips with his friends to Baguio so he can take photos and post to his Instagram.

6. The MVP

(Image courtesy of Jannine Buenconsejo)

The MVP is the "crush ng lahat" (everyone's crush). He is a varsity player, and one of the starting players for his university's basketball team which makes him very popular with the ladies AND gentlemen in his school.

The MVP is generally a friendly guy, but be warned: you will always come second to basketball and his boys.

You will normally find him sporting (pun intended) his basketball jersey as he is always training for a game, and you can usually catch him in the gym shooting hoops or pumping weights, in the cafeteria eating to bulk up for a game, or at home watching the NBA.

Date night with The MVP usually consists of a trip to the arcade where he will attempt to win you a stuffed toy by scoring the high-score in that shooting hoops game. He expects you to be supportive and attend his every game wearing his team's colors.

PS: He is the guy who says "KOBE!" when shooting rubbish into a bin.

7. The Rockstar

(Image courtesy of Joram Bonus)

The Rockstar is the one who has big dreams of making it big, but probably won't.

He is the lead vocalist and electric guitarist of his band, "The Halo," and spends most of his nights at bars playing gigs.

He is stuck doing gigs as he believes he doesn't need to work a full-time job as he is just waiting for his big break and he will soon be making millions through writing and releasing his music.

The Rockstar has gone through numerous bands in his life, as his bandmates tend to all leave one-by-one. All for the same reason -- they grew up, and gigs can no longer feed them and their families.

You can often find The Rockstar drunk at a bar surrounded by his fans, sporting a side fringe and casual attire.

8. The Mama's Boy

(Image courtesy of Joram Bonus)

The Mama's Boy is the one who is way to close to his mom. He still lives at home, and often acts as an over grown child who is still his mother's baby boy.

His culinary skills consist of microwave food and cup noodles, his laundry -- which end up in his closet perfectly washed and pressed -- are all done by his mother, and his room is always neat and tidy, fragrant with potpurri.

If you date this Mama's Boy, you first need to go through his mother because he runs EVERY decision by her, and you will also need to accept early on that you will always be the second woman his life.

If you and your Mama's Boy ever plan on a date, or a holiday together, keep in mind that 99% of the time, his mother will be a part of that date/trip too. His phone will have numerous texts from her, he expects you to be like her, and she shows up unannounced.

You can catch the Mama's Boy wearing... his mother on his arm.

9. The Jejemon

(Image courtesy of Calvin Cruz)

"E0wxh p0whz khyut3y3z. MztAhz nA u? Pw3d3 Txt2 nA us? 0 kh3tz an0whz? jejeje."

The Jejemon is the one who always starts texts or messages with a variation of "E0w p0w." They almost always have a new text mate, and often names them "kyut3y3s" on their phone. He usually finds this text mate by messaging random numbers, or adding random people on Facebook.

If you date a Jejemon, ensure you can understand the Jejemon language. Remember, replace letters with numbers, capitalise their letters randomly, and add extra Hs or Zs.

You can find the Jejemon wearing a coloured cap, wearing an oversized hoodie or jersey, and posing with cutesie pictures with their tongue out and heart emojis.

10. The Cosplayer

(Image courtesy of Ros Delos Reyes)

The Cosplayer is the one that insists on always wearing a costume. He enjoys going to craft stores to buy supplies for his costumes, and he never has any money as he always spends it on buying tickets to cosplay conventions, or on creating their costumes.

A date with the Cosplayer often involves sitting around as he spends all of his time perfecting his next costume, or watching animes, videos or playing games to find the next great character to cosplay.

You can often find the Cosplayer at Cospendium or Comi-con sporting an outfit that mimics his favourite character.

PS: No the Cosplayer does not want to fulfill one of your sick character fantasies. He will probably get angry if you ask. He spends too much time on his costumes for them to be ruined that way.

11. The Feeling Sikat/Feeling Famous

(Image courtesy of Ros Delos Reyes)

The Feeling Sikat/Feeing Famous is probably the biggest social climber that you will ever meet. He acts as though no one is ever on his level because he believes only a celebrity, a socialite, or a popular influencer can have the privilege of dating him.

His Instagram is filled with rows of photos featuring Filipino celebrities including: Anne Curtis, Nadine Lustre, Georgina Wilson, and Lovi Poe. He thinks he is really hot because he has numerous photos with these beautiful women.

The Feeling Sikat will rarely match with anyone on Tinder as he only swipes right on celebrities, socialites, or popular influencers. Unfortunately though for the Feeling Sikat, the people that he swipes right on tend to swipe left on him as they find him really cringey and a try-hard.

You can catch the Feeling Sikat at a popular night club, taking photos with celebrities wearing fake branded, bizarre clothing, and statement glasses.

12. The Gamer

(Image courtesy of Jannine Buenconsejo)

The gamer is the one who spends most of his time on his PC playing computer games such as Apex, Overwatch, PubG, COD, LOL, Counterstrike and DOTA. On the rare occasion where he is not playing games on his PC, you can often find him on his phone playing Mobile Legends or Achero.

If dating the gamer, keep in mind that he will almost never have any money, and if he did he would spend it on buying PC parts rather than buying you gifts or taking you on a date. If you ask the Gamer to do anything, expect him to say "after this game" because he can't stop the game as it is online and multiplayer. Finally, expect to have to repeat everything you have said about 4-5 times to the Gamer as he is never able to hear you because's he's wearing noise-cancelling headphones.

You can catch the Gamer locked in his room on his computer, wearing trackpants, a shirt, and headphones covering his ears.

13. The Nurse

(Image courtesy of Ros Delos Reyes)

The Nurse is your old best friend who now lives in another country after pursuing his mother's dreams of becoming a nurse. You both met in your teen years before he went to college.

The Nurse never has time. He works double shifts and often works 13 hours a day. He is the breadwinner of the family, sending a majority of his salary to his family back home in the Philippines.

If dating the Nurse, expect dates at ridiculous hours of the day. Does a 3AM McDonald's and coffee run seem like the perfect date to you? Great! Then the nurse is for you.

When dating the Nurse also expect over-information during your dates. He will most likely tell you how the kare-kare that you are eating looks like the bowel motion he cleaned up from bed 2.

You can catch the Nurse at the hospital, or asleep wearing scrubs, and black bags under his eyes.

14. Mr. Philippines

(Image courtesy of Kevin Wilson Suarez)

Mr. Philippines is the one that is very connected with his Filipino community and heritage.

If he's Filipino... he will make sure that the whole world knows.

Mr. Philippines is the one who joins all the Filipino male pageants. He was crowned Mr. Philippines back in 2015 and still tells everyone that he meets that he is Mr. Philippines.

The Mr. Philippines is the type that wears a Philippine flag graduation sash. He joins all of the Filipino groups on Facebook and is an active member of Subtle Filipino Traits.

His Spotify playlist boasts all OPM songs. His high school notebooks are filled with Filipino pictures and he has a Philippine sun and 3 stars tattoo that he will beg you not to tell his mom about.

If dating Mr. Philippines expect to be treated like a dalagang Pilipina (Filipino maiden), and be quizzed about your knowledge of Filipino history.

Catch Mr. Philippines wearing a barong.

15. The One You Take Home To Meet The Parents

(Image Courtesy of Kevin Wilson Suarez)

The One You Take Home to Meet the Parents is just as his title suggests -- he is the one you take home to meet your mother and father.

He is every bit your perfect man. He will treat you like a princess and will make you feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

The One You Take Home To Meet The Parents is a successful businessman, he graduated magna cum laude in college, and was voted "Most Likely To Succeed" in high school.

He is respectful to your parents and always says "mano po" and blesses, he gets along with your little brother, and tells your mother that he loves her cooking. He buys you the best gifts, and takes you on the most adorable dates. He will harana (serenade) you and give you kisses on the forehead.

When dating the One You Take Home To Meet The Parents, expect to be blown off your feet, and never let him go -- otherwise he will become the One That Got Away (TOTGA) instead.

If you would like a real shot with dating any of the men above, forget Tinder and join Subtle Filipino Dating instead.


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