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Pamela Delupio was born in Manila, Philippines. At age two, her family immigrated to Southern California. Growing up in North Long Beach was not easy. It was her love for books that helped her not only learn the English language, but also afforded her a chance to escape when times were tough. The only problem was there were no heroes she could identify with.


Books remained her number one love through school and into college. She went on to earn her Bachelors in Journalism with an emphasis on Public Relations at California State University, Long Beach. But still there were no stories with heroes that looked like her. 


Today Pamela strives to combat that narrative. Little brown girls born on a Third World island deserve to be heroes too. So she strives to become an author and focuses on writing YA fiction inspired by Philippine folktales. She currently works as a Page for the Michelle Obama Library located in the same neighborhood in which she grew up. 


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