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Myta Santiago (they/them) is currently a content writer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. They started reading at two and writing stories at eight. They had several other interests growing up, including marine biology and theater acting, but writing stayed close to the heart.


In 2018, after trying to keep a health blog, they decided to let their tummy flabs hang loose and do something else. That’s when they created Oro Plata Myta, a book blog where they can express their views about the books they’ve read. After much time and plenty of interactions with authors of color, Myta decided to dedicate their blog to promoting #ownvoices authors and diverse reads by both traditionally and self published writers. They then furthered their arm to help authors of color, particularly Filipinos from around the world, by opening proofreading, beta reading, and sensitivity reading.


Often called an angry potato, Myta is looking for the next great read and a cat to adopt from the streets.


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